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Surety consulting

Surety consulting - EPM Consultancy, Project Management Firm

EPM's experience in project management and construction litigation can do a lot to the insurance companies to reduce a surety's liability on a project that has gone bad. In these times of rapidly escalating costs, construction delays, under capitalization,… etc., this is becoming an increasing problem, a problem that requires quick and decisive action by professional project managers.

EPM provides the surety industry with a complete team of engineering and construction personnel. To evaluate damages, negotiate claims and manage completion of contractors.

We handle all operations required to complete the project at the least possible cost, and provide the expertise to ensure that the contractor / surety receive their fair share of payment for extra work and costs resulting from time delays or extensions.

Services include:

  • Evaluation of damages.
  • Costs for rectifying damages.
  • Negotiating client's claims.
  • Managing the execution to complete the contract.

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