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Health & Safety in a construction projects

Health & Safety in a construction projects - EPM Consultancy, Project Management Firm

EPM have the advantage of being able to call on specific dedicated specialist consultant teams with expert knowledge to provide a full range of health and safety services to any construction projects to ensure total compliance with safety legislation.
These services range from site audits and risk assessments to accident reporting.
Our Specialists/ Consultants have experience in delivering health & safety services across various sectors including commercial, industrial & manufacturing.

Services include:

  • Writing Health and Safety Policies.
  • Health and Safety Audits to determine the needs for achieving required & performance standards and fulfilling health and safety obligations.
  • Health and safety risk assessments.
  • Site auditing and Inspections of procedures and safety standards.
  • Work Place health and safety advice.
  • Carrying out OSHA's assessments.
  • Determine the level of fire precautions required at each place of work.
  • Accident reporting and investigation within the workplace.

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