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Cost and Contracts Management

Cost and Contracts Management - EPM Consultancy, Project Management Firm

Cost and Contracts Management are essential for all types of projects of different
sizes. Projects are becoming complex, some are highly complex, which stresses the
need for effective cost and contracts management services.
The definition of clear project scope is mandatory to make sure that right decisions
are made at the right time, therefore EPM works closely with the client at every stage
of the project by estimating, budgeting, monitoring, assessing, forecasting & reporting
of the project's cost data.
We focus all our resources and experience to manage the project procurement using
specified sector database with full transparency & consider all procurement routes to
maximize the investment from planning through constructions and or manufacture &

Cost and contracts management services include:

Cost management:

  • Monitor committed and projected cost.
  • Budget follow up & provide monthly, quarterly budget updates
  • Strict change control to avoid the growth of the project scope.
  • Invoices review and checking.
  • Cost control reporting (purchase orders – Invoices – changes – Variations –Claims) for providing affirmative information to control the project budget.
  • Prepare and monitor cash flow forecasts and monthly updates.

Contract Management:

  • Advise the client on all contractual matters.
  • Contract management and administration.
  • Evaluation of claims and submissions in relation to additional payments and advising of their validity.
  • Advising of potential claims and means of claim avoidance strategies.
  • Assist the client to resolve amicable disputes that may arise.

Note: With many projects, savings of 7-10% or more of the total construction costs
can be realized by the cost and contracts Management services.