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Iran Sugar

The ESIIC of Egypt was awarded the contract of providing plants, machinery, process engineering and supervision of erection for all five cane sugar factories in Iran (Raw & Refinery). EPM was commissioned by the ESIIC through a selective call for tendering to provide the Project Management services of the fabrication, manufacture and shipping parts of the project. (The five factories were built during 1994-1999in five different cities)

Nile Sugar

A Beet sugar factory with a capacity of processing 7000 tons/day of beet, in addition to the activities
of refining off season with a capacity of 1200 tons of Raw sugar per day – The total area of the factory
is 270 Feddans and includes the following:

  • Locally produced equipment weighs 4630 tons.
  • Imported equipment weighs 4160 tons.
  • 4460 tons of steel structure.
  • Different production stations eg. (Process Building  first line & second line Pulp Presses, Pulp
  • Drying, Pulp Pelleting & Lime kiln,…..etc).
  • Non production buildings such as (the hotel, the Administrative Building, the Mosque, the
  • Restaurant, the Club, the warehouse, etc).
  • Infrastructures, different networks; water treatment stations.
  • Power station and different utilities

Alexandria Sugar

A Beet sugar factory with a capacity about 10,000 ton/day of Beet as its first produce, in addition to the activity of refining off season.

The total area of the factory is 200 feddans located At Al-Nubariyah, North of Egypt.

The project includes the following elements:-
  • Different production stations eg (process building & first line &  second line& pulp presses, pulp drying, pulp pelleting & Lime kiln,…..etc).
  • Many concrete buildings such as (the hotel, the administrative building, the mosque,
  • the restaurant, the club, the warehouse, etc).
  • In addition to the infrastructures, different networks, Water Treatment Stations, Power Station and
  • different utilities

Al Nouran Sugar

Al Nouran holdings are well established sugar traders. They deployed International Engineer (IPRO) to

do the basic engineering for their intended factory project at Al-Salhia.

Al-Nouran holdings also deployed the ESIIC of Egypt to develop the tender books of the (10) main

stations of the factory through EPC contracts with the well known international supplier in the field.

Al Nouran holdings also developed the project detailed financial model and budget,

the developed budget was based on actual offers from different suppliers and contractors.

Al Nouran holdings wanted to benefit from EPM's successful recent experience (Oct. 2010) of

completing a Mega Beet Plant "Nile Sugar Factory" at Al-Nubariyah.

Bani Sweif

Billet & steel Rebar factory owned by IIC, (The International Investment company).

Located in Bani Swief governorate, land area 500,000 m3 & cost investment 1,386 million EGP.

The factory was contracted on TURN-KEY basis with an Italian company DANIELI well reputable

Italian supplier for steel plants.

The factory is Minimill technology (compacted & environmental friendly) with a total

capacity is 830,000 T.P.Y. (530,000 T.P.Y. for rebar & 300,000 T.P.Y. Billets).

This Minimill is composed of Rolling Mill Units & to be implemented in 17 months& a Melt shop unit to be implemented in 21 months.


Alexandria IIC

The factory is an old plant located in Alexandria bought at an auction sale, the owner decided to revamp the old equipments & buy a set of new once.

SIDER ENGINEERING, a reputable Italian company is contracted to revamp the old equipment and to supply an additional unit for steel wires mesh.

Steel structure restoration works was assigned to Thyssen Krupp (a subsidiary of UHDE) a reputable

German company.

The new equipments bought to upgrade the plant are:

(12m billet furnace, automation system, additional 12m coil cooling conveyor, coil pit, BGV finishing block, water cooling line, additional pinch coil &  loop layer & trestle carousel).

The civil works was assigned to IEC (The International Engineering Company).


Establishment of a FERTILIZER COMPLEX in Sadat City & industrial zone to produce high quality & specialized fertilizer, mostly produced locally, that to cover about 40-50% of the local market needs.

The project land area is 160,000 m2 & composed of 12 production units / stations in addition to utilities and other project facilities. The factory total capacity is 948,700 tons / year.

CFI holding PTE Ltd (CFIH) has been chosen as the plant &  designer, main consultant & license provider.

The plant consists of 15 units:-

  • Unit (1) CN & MgN reaction, concentration & granulation.
  • Unit (2) KNO3 reaction, crystallization & purification.
  • Unit (3) MAP or AS reaction & crystallization.
  • Unit (4) MgSO4 reaction & crystallization.
  • Unit (5) K2SO4 furnace reaction & HCI neutralization under CaCL2 form.
  • Unit (6) Water Soluble Fertilizers.
  • Unit (7) Chelates: reaction & drying.
  • Unit (8) H2SO4.
  • Unit (9) Reaction, concentration, granulation, cooling & screening.
  • Unit (10) CuSO4, ZnSO4 or MnSO4 reaction & crystallization.
  • Unit (11) MCP / DCP reaction, granulation, drying, cooling &  screening.
  • Unit (12) Solid product packing.
  • Unit (13) All storage facilities.
  • Unit (14) All utilities.
  • Unit (15) SSP, TSP & NPK.

Mercedes Benz Car Factory

The factory was built in 1996 in the 6th of October City, 30 km southwest of Cairo. The factory's total area is

60,000 m 2 extendable to 120,000 m 2 , 24,000 m 2 of which are under one roof covering all workshops as well as the plant administration. The plant is pressurized and heat insulated, includes a warehouse, a body shop, a paint shop, an assembly shop, waste water treatment, and testing facilities and is considered as a high tech center for high quality production.

The Client wanted to have a precise cost evaluation of the Factory Buildings to use for negotiating the yearly

rental value of the factory.