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Makkah Towers

The Project is part of a big development consisting of (Residential Towers - Hotel - Shopping Mall).

10 residential towers Ranging from 15 to 23 floors.

The 10 Towers were built in two wings with total area 120,000 m 2 .

The Project is served by underground car park (2 stories) with total area 26,000 m 2 .

Al Safwa Residential Towers

A Residential & Commercial tower with a total area of approximately (78,000m 2 ) divided to Basement 10,000m 2 for car parks, Commercial of approximately 9,000 m 2 & Residential 59,000 m 2 ).

The project consists of 3 cinemas, A Celebration hall, Commercial areas for retail use &  9 typical residential floors.

The total land area is 15,287m 2 located at Road El-Farag, Shoubra, Cairo.

Al-Khiran City In Kuwait

Al- KHIRAN CITY is a new Kuwaity city near the boarder of IRAQ, with an approximate area of 145km 2 ; it contains private and public housing, university, poly-techniques, schools for different ages and genders, hospitals, social clubs, a leisure zone, Governmental Agencies, an industrial zone and complete and sophisticated infrastructures.

Tiba Residential Village Project

The Project land area is 170,000 m 2 (approx. 42 feddans).

the project consist of 200 Villas (6 Pre-designed Models) with complete infrastructures
(Electricity, Water, Roods….etc), Mosques, Markets &  Social Building.

The green area ≃80% of the project's land area.The total built up area is 90,000m 2 on 3 floors including basements (maximum height 8m).

Youth Housing In Obour

The project is one of the National Housing Projects.

The project consists of 6664 residential units 63 m 2 / each.