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The Project is a part of a big development consisting of (Shopping Mall - Hotel - Residential Towers).

A luxurious shopping mall in Makkah in front of the holly mosque.

The Project area ≃ 60,000 m 2 ; distributed over 6 floors.

The mall is served by Underground car parks ≃ 26,000 m 2 (2 stories).


The Project is part of a big development consisting of (Residential Towers - Hotel - Shopping Mall).

10 residential towers Ranging from 15 to 23 floors.

The 10 Towers were built in two wings with total area 120,000 m 2 .

The Project is served by underground car park (2 stories) with total area 26,000 m 2 .

Riyadh hotel

Five Star Hotel having a capacity of 220 guest rooms at Riyadh, KSA.

Project plot area (3620 m 2 ).

The Hotel consists of four Basements, G.F (lobby), (14) Guest Floors.

The Hotel also has a Commercial area, Health club and Swimming Pool.


Development and Renovation of the existed building.

Construction of two additional buildings for tails and services.

Construction of a new security systems.

The buildings contains all the electrometrical systems needed (HVAC – Plumping & Fire fighting – Electrical)

Al – KHIRAN CITY in Kuwait

Al- KHIRAN CITY is a new Kuwaity city near the boarder of IRAQ, with an approximate area of 145km 2 ; it contains private and public housing, university, poly-techniques, schools for different ages and genders, hospitals, social clubs, a leisure zone, Governmental Agencies, an industrial zone and complete and sophisticated infrastructures.


The ESIIC of Egypt was awarded the contract of providing plants, machinery, process engineering and supervisionof erection for all five cane sugar factories in Iran (Raw & Refinery). EPM was commissioned by the ESIIC through a selective call for tendering to provide the Project Management services of the fabrication, manufacture and shipping parts of the project. (The five factories were built during 1994-1999in five different cities)


The project is composed of Two basement floors for parking and electro-mechanical services,

the area of each basement = 5,300 m 2 . The above ground office areas consist of ground floor plus 27 typical floors with a total floor area of 28,750 m 2 .

The Contractual duration of the project is 20 months, but the actual duration of the project

exceeded double it's  duration . The project suffered excessive delays, mainly due to

contractor's reasons.

The Client requested our services to investigate the problems.

Aqaba Business Park

A Business Park of 10 Typical Smart office Buildings to be built over 21,000 m 2 piece of land at "AQABA SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE" in JORDAN.

The basement consists of 2 floors built on the total land area (21,000m 2 ) to accommodate car parks and the central E& M machinery.

The utilities and infrastructures for the project are centrally serving the different buildings with localized control for each individual building.

TAGI Universitay

The project comprises of a land area of 25,000 m 2 with a built-up area of approximately 6,000 m 2 which sums-up approximately to about 25% of the land's  area.

The university consists of a management office building, 4 faculty buildings (Management, Accounting, Information

Technology, and Design), buildings for training, security, a super market, a mosque, a clinic, staff accommodation building, male dorms, female dorms, A social club, A cafeteria, an academic building, An Electricity & Transformer Building, TAGI Management Building, TAGI-IRAQ head quarters, TAGI employee's accommodation Building & last but not least a water tank

TAGI syria

Smart office building in Suburban SYRIA.

The project is approximately ≃1200 m 2 .

It consists of one Basement 312 m 2 for Car Parking, Ground floor and 3 typical floors for office use.


Smart office building in Central Beirut.

The project's plot area is 500 m 2 (Ground + 8 Floors).

The project consist of 2 Basements 440 m 2 /each.

The project's total area is approximately 2,345 m 2 .


Head office building at RIYADH-KSA:

The Building built up area is approximately 7,000 m 2 , it consists of Two Basements for car parks and stores, Ground floor plus 6 typical floors for office use to accommodate 500 employees, the project also includes a conference hall, meeting rooms & cafeteria.

The R.C skeleton was already finished, the Architectural nterior and Exterior Design needed a complete redesign to accommodate TAGI's new requirements and organizational structure.


Smart office building built to accommodate 200 Employees.

The project is approximately 7,000 m 2 .

It consist of 3 floors above ground level for car parks with a total area 1,500 m 2 plus the ground floor and 7 typical floors for office use 500 m 2 each.

The project includes a conference hall, training halls, meeting rooms & a cafeteria.

Education Building

Total of 20.000m 2 for the project buildings.

The Project consist of an Administration Building, and different Education Buildings.

The buildings contains all the Electro-Mechanical Systems needed (HVAC – Plumping & Fire fighting – Electrical)