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Al Gabal Al Asfar WWTP (Stage || Phase 1)

A Mega Waste Water Treatment Plant, serving a population of 6 million people, The Plant Capacity is 1,400,000 m 3 a

A large inlet pumping station, a key factor in minimizing the risk of flooding, raises incoming wastewater to four
treatment streams for the primary treatment stage. This is followed by further treatment via an activated sludge stream.
Final clarification and chlorination to complete the treatment process. Primary and Secondary Sludge are digested and
then dewatered using mechanical equipment

Palmareva resort & hotel in Hurgada

A 5 Star Resort on the red-sea Containing 360 Bedrooms Spread over a large area of land (150 hectare ~ 1,500,000 million m 2 ).

Different Infrastructure Works (irrigation, sanitary, potable water, Electrical Networks, Lighting Networks, Roads and Soft & Hardscape)

Nile Sugar Company

A Beet Sugar Factory of capacity of about 7,000 tons/day of Beet, in addition to the activity of refining (off season) – The total area for the factory is 270 feddans (~ 1,150,000 million m2).
    The Project Infrastructures Includes:

  •     Raw Water Tanks (lagoons)
  •     Raw Water Treatment Plant & Network.
  •     Industrial Waste Treatment Plant & Network.
  •     Electricity Production and Distribution.
  •     Measuring & Control Instrumentation .
  •     Transformers & Motor Control Centers.
  •     Roads & Lighting Network.
  •     Water Intake from Nubariyah lake including
  •     a pump Station & 11 km Pipe Line.
  •     All infrastructures networks (water, sanitary, industrial, electrical, lighting, …, etc.)


Al-Azhar Park

The Project Consists of the development of a new, major urban park in Cairo, with varying treatment of planted areas, recreational and leisure facilities, the project also includes the following:

  • All types of infrastructure works (Irrigation, Sanitary, Potable Water, Electrical Networks, Lighting networks, roads and Soft & Hardscape
  • A Man-made lake (6000 m2)