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Al Nouran Sugar

Industrial - Al Nouran Sugar
Industrial - Al Nouran Sugar
Project     : Al Nouran Sugar
Location   : SALHIA, EGYPT
Cost      : L.E ≃ 2123 MILLION

Description  :

Al Nouran holdings are well established sugar traders. They deployed International Engineer (IPRO) to

do the basic engineering for their intended factory project at Al-Salhia.

Al-Nouran holdings also deployed the ESIIC of Egypt to develop the tender books of the (10) main

stations of the factory through EPC contracts with the well known international supplier in the field.

Al Nouran holdings also developed the project detailed financial model and budget,

the developed budget was based on actual offers from different suppliers and contractors.

Al Nouran holdings wanted to benefit from EPM's successful recent experience (Oct. 2010) of

completing a Mega Beet Plant "Nile Sugar Factory" at Al-Nubariyah.

More :

  • Provided Management Support For The Project
  • Developer To Include :-
  • Review of all project documents previously prepared.
  • Identify the missing studies required for the current project phase and the future phases.
  • Identify, survey & comment on financial studies.
  • Identify the missing items & elements of the project.
  • Identify items that require re-pricing.
  • Comment on the procurement activities previously performed.
  • Comment on the time schedule developed for the project.
  • Submit a report with recommendations for the successful implementation of the project.




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