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Alexandria Sugar

Industrial - Alexandria Sugar
Industrial - Alexandria Sugar
Project     : Alexandria Sugar
Cost      : € 230 MILLION

Description  :

A Beet sugar factory with a capacity about 10,000 ton/day of Beet as its first produce, in addition to the activity of refining off season.

The total area of the factory is 200 feddans located At Al-Nubariyah, North of Egypt.

The project includes the following elements:-
  • Different production stations eg (process building & first line &  second line& pulp presses, pulp drying, pulp pelleting & Lime kiln,…..etc).
  • Many concrete buildings such as (the hotel, the administrative building, the mosque,
  • the restaurant, the club, the warehouse, etc).
  • In addition to the infrastructures, different networks, Water Treatment Stations, Power Station and
  • different utilities

More :


Independent Engineering Services for the financing bank (CIB Bank) To Include :-

  • Review of expenditure and projected cash flows.
  • Reviewing actual progress against planed.
  • Identify possible delays.
  • Update on planning and statutory consents.
  • Overview of the performance of the developer, consultant and
  • contractor as for their compliance with their respective obligations and duties.
  • Recommendations on the drawdown of funds against the valueof work completed.
  • Monitor and report on project variations and changes.

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