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TAGI Universitay

Middle East - TAGI Universitay
Middle East - TAGI Universitay
Project     : TAGI Universitay
Location   : KURDISTAN, IRAQ
Cost      : U.S $ 22 MILLION

Description  :

The project comprises of a land area of 25,000 m 2 with a built-up area of approximately 6,000 m 2 which sums-up approximately to about 25% of the land's  area.

The university consists of a management office building, 4 faculty buildings (Management, Accounting, Information

Technology, and Design), buildings for training, security, a super market, a mosque, a clinic, staff accommodation building, male dorms, female dorms, A social club, A cafeteria, an academic building, An Electricity & Transformer Building, TAGI Management Building, TAGI-IRAQ head quarters, TAGI employee's accommodation Building & last but not least a water tank

More :

Management Of Pre-Construction Phase To Include:

  • Project Scope Management.
  • Design Management.
  • Review of the Design Documents.
  • Establish Project Budget.
  • Establish Project Master Schedule.
  • Contractor's Pre-Qualifications.
  • Develop Project Tender Documents.
  • Tenders Evaluations With Recommendations for Contractor Selection.
  • Preparation of the Contract Agreements and Contract Documents.

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