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Alexandria IIC

Industrial - Alexandria IIC
Industrial - Alexandria IIC
Industrial - Alexandria IIC
Industrial - Alexandria IIC
Project     : Alexandria IIC
Location   : Alexandria, EGYPT
Cost      : L.E ≃ 207.2 MILLION

Description  :

The factory is an old plant located in Alexandria bought at an auction sale, the owner decided to revamp the old equipments & buy a set of new once.

SIDER ENGINEERING, a reputable Italian company is contracted to revamp the old equipment and to supply an additional unit for steel wires mesh.

Steel structure restoration works was assigned to Thyssen Krupp (a subsidiary of UHDE) a reputable

German company.

The new equipments bought to upgrade the plant are:

(12m billet furnace, automation system, additional 12m coil cooling conveyor, coil pit, BGV finishing block, water cooling line, additional pinch coil &  loop layer & trestle carousel).

The civil works was assigned to IEC (The International Engineering Company).

More :

Independent Engineering Services for the financing bank (Bank Misr & Bank Audi) To Include :-

  • Provided a comprehensive Initial report on the Project.
  • Comprehensive reporting during construction to include:
  • Review of expenditure and projected cash flows.
  • Reviewing actual progress against planned.
  • Identify possible delays.
  • Update on planning and statutory consents.
  • Overview of the performance of the developer, consultant and contractor as for their compliance with their respective obligations and duties.
  • Recommendations on the drawdown of funds against the value of work completed.
  • Monitor and report on project variations and changes.

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