EPM Services

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Planning and Scheduling (Project Controls Professional Services)

EPM provides the planning and scheduling expertise required to take full advantage of modern scheduling techniques

Procurement & Contracts Services

The importance of Procurement & Contract activities is influenced by its pivotal function which starts at project

Project Management / Construction Management (PM / CM)

Effective Project Management is the key to project success. Project Management is the process of planning, Organizing

Site Construction Supervision 

Clients/investors want to make sure their realization conforms adherently to technical documentation

Design Review Service and Design Optimization Service

Design documents prior to construction may contain errors, omissions & may be poorly coordinated.

Pre-Design Management Services

There are some other studies that should be executed to support the decisions taken concerning project quality level

Value Engineering

“Value” as defined is the ratio of function to cost, it can be increased or enhanced either by improving the function or reducing the cost

Cost Engineering

Our Aim is to Achieve cost effectiveness the early involvement of cost engineering is essential for the project

Construction cost estimating and B.O.Q preparation

Comprehensive and objective estimates are the start of sound construction management and cost control.

Cost and Contracts Management

Cost and Contracts Management are essential for all types of projects of different sizes.

Construction claims and disputes services

EPM provides the technical expertise and practical objectivity to bring about fast and favorable resolution

Energy Management

Energy management for developments and projects is about providing an optimized energy solution that addresses the business’s economics

Independent Engineer Services/Funders Representation

The recent difficulties surrounding project financing have demonstrated the need for one party to provide the lender of equity investor

Management consultancy

Today’s competitive construction market requires professional review of organizational structure and management procedures

Health & Safety in a construction projects

EPM have the advantage of being able to call on specific dedicated specialist consultant teams with expert knowledge

Surety consulting

EPM’s experience in project management and construction litigation can do a lot to the insurance companies