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EPM “Egyptian Project Management Consultancy” is a Project Management firm founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1986 by Prof. Adel EL-Samadony the very first specialized in the field (M.Sc. 1986 & Ph.D. 1986 Leeds university UK). Since 1986 EPM has been Offering a full and integrated project management service tailored to meet client’s and their projects needs.

–  With the experience gained in the field since 1986, EPM has acquired a reputation of delivering PM services with high standard for Clients of the public and private sectors in Egypt and the Middle East countries, whom have witnessed and confirmed the excellent quality of EPM’s services and it’s cost effectiveness.

–  EPM has a long experience in managing different types of projects where services of varying nature were provided, such as industrial projects, hotels, residential, commercial buildings, office buildings, urban parks and treatment plants.

–  EPM is the first Egyptian firm to be certified as a “Project Management Consultancy firm” by the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers providing a full range and integrated project management services.

–  EPM is the founder and major developer for The Egyptian Code of Project Management (2009) with the Housing &Building National Research Center (HBRC).

–  EPM is managed by a group of highly skilled and experienced engineers who have international experience in the field.


–  Prof. Adel El-Samadony born in Mansoura, Dakahlia, Egypt 1953, he received his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University in 1976 following 4 years engagement as an assistant lecturer at Helwan University’s Faculty of Engineering then professional structural design Engineer at Housing Authority in KUWAIT for 2 years then as a postgraduate student for 4 years at LEEDS university U.K (period from 1982 – 1986).

–  Since he finished his PhD in 1986 he was lecturing at Helwan University Faculty of Engineering as lecturer then assistant professor then professor since 1995 he was also elected as a vise dean for postgraduate studies (1997 – 2003).

– On  the  professional  side  Prof.  Adel  El-Samadony’s resume  is  rich  with  many distinguished  projects  from  different  industry  sectors  (industrial,  wastewater, hotels, residential, and office buildings……,etc) across Egypt and the Middle East for his outstanding performance, Prof. El-Samadony in year 2000 was elected by international WHO’S WHO of professionals as a member of its organization.

Prof. Adel El- Samadony is also active in many prestigious national & international professional associations among which:-

  • Founder and chairman of the National Permanent Committee for developing “the Egyptian code for project management”, Ministry of Housing & Building National Research Center. (HBRC)
  • Chairman of the Arabian committee for developing ‘The Arabic Code for Project Management’.
  • Board member of the Management Engineering Society. (MES), the Egyptian Engineering society.
  • Chairman of “Engineering Committee” of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers (ESE) authorizing professional practicing certification for project managers & project management firms.
  • Chairman of the National Committee of Procurement of the Master Plan of Port Saied – East Port. (PSPA)
  • Member of Project Management Institute PMI, USA. 1990
  • Member of the “Association of Project Managers” (APM, U.K). Since 1982
  • Member The Egyptian Society of Professional Engineers. (EES)
Founder of EPM

Professor Adel Abo El-Yazid El-Samadony

Professor Adel Abo El-Yazid El-Samadony

(Founder of EPM) has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry managing construction projects.

  • Has a Ph.D & Masters in construction Management (1983-1986) from Leeds University, UK United Kingdom.
  • Sc in civil Engineering (1976) Alexandria University.
  • Vast experience in managing projects of many types in many industries from Project Initiation to completion, commissioning & handing over.

Dr. El.Samadony is the founder of the Egyptian code of Project Management and chairman of the permanent committee for the Egyptian code for project management.

PMP, CPMC / Construction Industry

May Al-Labbad

is an Architect, Co-Partner of EPM has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry of which 20 years were in the construction & project management field.

  • She is one of the first 6 people in Egypt whom were certified as “PMP” project management professional by the Project Management Institute (P.M.I) U.S.A.
  • She is also certified as a construction management consultant by the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers.
  • Member of the “Egyptian Project Management Code” ‎development committee.
  • Has masters in Architecture & Urban design 2002.
  • Sc in Architectural Engineering 1979 Cairo University.
  • Key qualifications are leading the project management team & contract administration and also has experience as project director, manager & co-ordinator.
PMP, CPMC / Construction Industry

Anas Mohamed Shatta El-Wahdan

Has over 36 years of experience in the construction industry Managing Construction Projects.

  • Certified (PMP) project management professional by the project management institute (PMI) U.S.A.
  • An active member of the “Egyptian Project Management Code” ‎development committee.
  • Project Management Consultant with service record as project engineer, project manager, as well as project management consultant and trainer with public and private sector organizations in Egypt.
  • Sc., Civil Engineering(1987), Cairo University.
  • He has managed projects in a wide variety of industries.
  • Vast experience in managing projects of many types & sizes’ from Initiation phase to handover.
PMP / Construction Industry

Ahmed El-labbad Adel El-Samadony

Has over 12  years of experience in the construction industry.

  • Sc in construction engineering from the Arab Academy for science & technology & maritime transport.
  • A member of the “Egyptian Engineer Syndicate”.
  • Attended many training courses and training on the jobs.
  • A construction Engineer / Scheduler at EPM consultancy.
  • Skills include contract revision, requisition revision, quantity surveying, Baseline time schedule preparation, schedule updating, assistance in claims consulting & contract administering, budget preparation & progress reporting.
PMP, PHD / Construction Industry

Tarek M. Attia Bayoumy

Has over 38 years of experience in the construction industry on a global scale.

  • He a professor at the Construction Engineering and ‎Management Research Institute in Cairo. He is also an industry expert worked with the largest ‎A/E firm in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Attia has received his Ph.D. degree ‎from the Construction Engineering and Management program at North Carolina State ‎University, Raleigh, USA in 2002. He also received BS and MS degrees in Civil ‎Engineering from Cairo University (1984), Egypt and has over 15 years in professional ‎consulting experience in USA, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Certified (PMP) project management professional by the (PMI) project management institute 2006.
  • He is an active member of the “Egyptian Project Management Code” ‎development committee.
  • (AMP) Advanced Management Program certification, 2004.
  • Long track record in developing standards and procedures for (PMO) Project Management office for public and private sector organizations in Saudi Arabia.
PHD / Mechanical Engineering

Mohamed El-Beltagy

Has over 20 years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering.

  • Has Ph.D & Masters in Mechanical Engineering 2010.
  • Sc in Mechanical Engineering 2001.
  • Has vast experience in projects ranging from pharmaceutical, food industrial, textile industrial, paints & inks industrial & many other miscellaneous industrial projects.
Construction Industry

Ahmed Emam Abdo Al-Emam

Has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry.

  • Has B.Sc in Architectural Engineering.
  • Proven project management track record for on-time & on-budget application delivery.
Construction Industry

Mohamed Mahmoud El-Bahnasy

Has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry.

  • Sc in civil & construction engineering 1992.
  • 28 years of experience managing projects in Egypt & Saudi Arabia in addition to good command of project management software.
  • Over 28 years leading teams providing Management and Construction supervision for many projects in Saudi Arabia.

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To be the client’s first choice as a project management firm that provides quality and cost effective services through the application of state –of-the –art project management systems and project control procedures.

Our Mission

Operating a cost effective business and delivering world class project management services, client satisfaction exceeding their expectation

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