Al Gabal Al Asfar WWTP (Stage || Phase 1)

Project     : Al Gabal Al Asfar WWTP (Stage || Phase 1)
Location   : CAIRO, EGYPT
Cost      : L.E 900 MILLION

Description  :

A Mega Waste Water Treatment Plant, serving a population of 6 million people, The Plant Capacity is 1,400,000 m 3 a

A large inlet pumping station, a key factor in minimizing the risk of flooding, raises incoming wastewater to four
treatment streams for the primary treatment stage. This is followed by further treatment via an activated sludge stream.
Final clarification and chlorination to complete the treatment process. Primary and Secondary Sludge are digested and
then dewatered using mechanical equipment

More :

Contractor's Bids Analysis & Evaluation

Technical and Financial Evaluation of Contractors Bids
including the assessment of their construction
management Capabilities including:

  •  Construction Method Statements.
  •  Contractor's Organization Structure.
  •  Contractor's Equipment.
  •  Proposed Schedule.
  •  QC/QA Plan.
  •  Past Experience.
  •  Financial capacity.
  •  Technical and Managerial resources.

Participation in the Negotiation Process with the
Successful Bidder.

Preparation Of The Contract Agreement & Documents

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Al Gabal Al Asfar WWTP (Stage || Phase 1)