Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications - c2 builing

Project     : Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications - c2 builing
Cost      : L.E 100 MILLION

Description  :

Due to the rapid increase of work volume of VODAFONE Egypt (SAE) and consequently the numbers of the employed staff, VODAFONE rented an office building (C2) from SMART VILLAGES Company to accommodate its staff. The building was under construction by SV.

The building area is approximately 22000m 2 , 4 floors above ground for office use (each 4,000 m 2 )and two basements for car parking.

Vodafone selected to execute the data and telecommunication networks by itself and to employ a separate contractor for the finishing's work of the main entrance and the lobby located at each floor.

More :

Project Management Services

  • Survey of the remaining Construction Activities of the project.
  • Evaluating current Work Progress of the Contractor on board (SV).
  • Assisting the SV Contractor to develop a realistic Time Schedule to hand over the project, including testing and commissioning activities.
  • Contractual advise for Vodafone regarding the delay by SMART VILLAGE in handing over the building to Vodafone.
  • Managing the Work Progress for both SMART VILLAGE and Vodafone.

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