Iran Sugar

Project     : Iran Sugar
Location   : IRAN, (Shoeybieh, Dehkhoda, Farabi, Ghazali & Khozaie)
Cost      : US $ 155 MILLION

Description  :

The ESIIC of Egypt was awarded the contract of providing plants, machinery, process engineering and supervision of erection for all five cane sugar factories in Iran (Raw & Refinery). EPM was commissioned by the ESIIC through a selective call for tendering to provide the Project Management services of the fabrication, manufacture and shipping parts of the project. (The five factories were built during 1994-1999in five different cities)

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Providing the Main Contractor (ESIIC) With The Following Management services:
  • Management of Material Procurement.
  • Project time and cost planning and control.
  • Contract Administration for the local and foreign suppliers and contractors.
  • Management of the fabrication of local components.
  • Management of the Machines assembly process.
  • Management of the shipment operations.
  • Progress Reporting.

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