Mercedes Benz Car Factory

Project     : Mercedes Benz Car Factory
Location   : 6 OCTOBER CITY, EGYPT
Cost      : US $ 10 MILLION

Description  :

The factory was built in 1996 in the 6th of October City, 30 km southwest of Cairo. The factory's total area is

60,000 m 2 extendable to 120,000 m 2 , 24,000 m 2 of which are under one roof covering all workshops as well as the plant administration. The plant is pressurized and heat insulated, includes a warehouse, a body shop, a paint shop, an assembly shop, waste water treatment, and testing facilities and is considered as a high tech center for high quality production.

The Client wanted to have a precise cost evaluation of the Factory Buildings to use for negotiating the yearly

rental value of the factory.

More :

Building Cost Estimated Services To Include:-

  • Survey of the As built construction conditions.
  • Quantity surveying for all construction elements.
  • Measurement and costing services.
  • Construction cost estimating and evaluation.
  • Land price surveys.
  • Calculating the effect of use and age (depreciation)
  • Negotiating the basis of the evaluation with other
  • parties on behalf of the client

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