Nile Sugar

Project     : Nile Sugar
Cost      : L.E 1630 MILLION

Description  :

A Beet sugar factory with a capacity of processing 7000 tons/day of beet, in addition to the activities
of refining off season with a capacity of 1200 tons of Raw sugar per day – The total area of the factory
is 270 Feddans and includes the following:

  • Locally produced equipment weighs 4630 tons.
  • Imported equipment weighs 4160 tons.
  • 4460 tons of steel structure.
  • Different production stations eg. (Process Building  first line & second line Pulp Presses, Pulp
  • Drying, Pulp Pelleting & Lime kiln,…..etc).
  • Non production buildings such as (the hotel, the Administrative Building, the Mosque, the
  • Restaurant, the Club, the warehouse, etc).
  • Infrastructures, different networks; water treatment stations.
  • Power station and different utilities

More :

Project Management , Construction & Supervision

  • Tendering Procedures for contractors selection.
  • Planning, scheduling and following up of construction and erection works.
  • Construction Management and Coordination between the various parties.
  • Technical Supervision and Quality Control.
  • Progress reporting & technical reporting.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Quantity surveying.
  • Invoice revision.
  • Cash Flow projection and Budget Management.
  • Managing variation

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